UberEats changing the gameUberEats has been around for a while now, a random food delivery service available within the app Uber.  It’s more or less the digital equivalent of a Reverse Speakeasy, or a secret restaurant inside a bar.  Yet UberEats’ new standalone app, which has just become available in NYC, was recently hailed by Gothamist as a game-changer.  UberEats originally just offered two or three items a day, which it would then deliver to your door at record speed.  Yet now you can scroll through over 100 restaurants on the app, such as Black Seed Bagel, Mighty Quinn’s, Westville, Burger Joint, Bar Primi, Ivan Ramen and Empellon Al Pastor.  Each of these dishes has a crystal-clear image, with wait times ranging from an hour to just a few minutes.

Gothamist placed a test order at 11am two days ago, and in 40 minutes there was a perfect Chana Masala bowl from Bombay Sandwich Co. delivered to Times Square.  Once you order a meal from UberEats, you can track the entire process: when the restaurant accepts it, when it’s finished being prepared, when the courier is on their way, how close they are to you and when the food actually arrived.  It feels almost like Seamless, but you’re so involved it feels like you got it from the restaurant itself.

What makes this even better is that so far there isn’t a delivery fee.  Michael Conti, the general manager of UberEats, has said that when a fee will be implemented hasn’t yet been determined, since the company wants to offer free delivery for enough time to give people the chance to try the app many times.  The UberEats app isn’t just a New York thing, however; it’s already available in other cities, including Los Angeles and Chicago, where the delivery fee is just $3.  Therefore, it’s prudent to take advantage of the no-fee window to try the service out for yourself.  Delivery is currently available anywhere in Manhattan below 100th Street.