Since they first took off in Asia a few years back, cat cafes have exploded in popularity, and spots have been slowly but steadily popping up across the globe where you can pet cuddly felines.  While Manhattan got its first cat cafe last year, opening tomorrow is Brooklyn’s first permanent cat cafe, aptly named “The Brooklyn Cat Cafe”.  The cafe is operating at 149 Atlantic Ave, and will be operated by the Brooklyn Bridge Animal Welfare Coalition.  You can reserve a time to hang out with cats for $5 per half hour, and if there’s a cat you fall in love with you can adopt it.  An adult cat costs $100, and you can read more about adoptions here.  If you’re not ready for a full-time commitment, you can also help with fostering a cat.

You can purchase packaged drinks, treats and snacks here from local business such as Divvies Vegan cookies, Salty Road Taffys and Jmart chocolates.  On weekends, you can order coffee and tea at the front desk from next door’s Atlantic Bagel Cafe.  You can also buy food and drinks from Atlantic Bagel yourself and bring them in so long as you bring along your receipt.  The cafe is still trying to raise money to help get things started; you can still buy tickets for the grand opening party tomorrow for $75, and there are all-access passes and raffle tickets you can buy.

The first cat cafe opened in Taiwan in 1998.  Although it was a Taiwanese invention, it was in Japan where the concept really took off; Japan’s dense population and crowded living spaces mean that most apartment complexes don’t allow pets, so cat cafes quickly became popular places for those Japanese who wanted to find companionship and comfort in the form of a furry friend.  Cat cafes only came to the US in 2014, yet have since sprung up in various cities.  There are currently two cat cafes open in New York, not including the one opening tomorrow.  How popular they will become remains to be seen.