Even if it’s a pretty well-known landmark, and located smack in the middle of one of New York’s busiest neighborhoods, the Met is a great place to leave the chaos of the city behind.  It’s a magnificent building with countless artifacts steeped in history.  But if you’re only going to the museum during daylight hours, then you’re doing it wrong.  Fridays and Saturdays, the museum has late-night hours.  Here are some reasons you should take advantage, based off an article I found online:

Fifth Avenue is beautiful at night: Fifth Avenue might have a reputation (not without good reason) for being whitewashed and overpriced, but it’s also beautiful at night, whether you’re looking down from above or simply walking on the sidewalk.

The Met rooftop: If you’d rather see Fifth Avenue from above, or maybe just see a great New York sunset, the Met Rooftop Sculpture Gardens offers great city views.  Weather permitting, it’s typically open from early May until the end of October.  During summers, it hosts single-artist exhibitions.

The Great Hall balcony bar: On weekend evenings, this bar has live music and good drinks while offering a great view of the Met’s Great Hall.  But act fast; it’s only open until 8:30 pm, with last call at 7:45.

The Met becomes totally different: Walking through the Met at night can be really relaxing, offering a chance to de-stress and disconnect from the outside world.  

Great art: No matter what time you visit the Met, there’s always fantastic art.  You don’t have to be an art nerd to appreciate the Met, with exhibits from various periods in history.  You won’t come close to seeing even half of the museum in just one visit, so try concentrating on just a couple of galleries per visit.