Since 1926, Macy’s has hosted a Thanksgiving Day Parade that marches down the streets of New York.  In the 90 years that it’s been around, this parade has become synonymous with Thanksgiving, as people all around the world tune in to see the various gigantic floats.  In just several days, onlookers will be lining the streets of New York to get a glimpse at these gigantic floats, the same as they have for generations now.  Every year, typically a week before the parade actually happens, Macy’s opens the Parade Studio in Moonachie, New Jersey to a select few to take a look at what’s to come.  This year, it was a lucky group of about 300 third-graders.  I read an article recently that talked about some of the floats to look out for, and I know that I’ll be keeping my eye out for these this Thursday morning:

Girl Scout Float: Decorated with silhouettes of Girl Scouts and adorned with “badges”, the Girl Scout float pays homage to the organization’s storied history while also showing that it’s an up-to-date organization.  The float also features a giant crane operated by Girl Scouts.  

Krazy Glue Fun House Float: This float is bursting from top to bottom with color and lights, and in the center features a rotating room.  Performers will be inside the rotating center, who have been training on how to stay balanced inside the moving circle.

Aloha Spirit Float: While the floats on the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade are typically Thanksgiving- or Christmas-themed, this one is tropical, with palm trees and a cabana.  In addition to a glowing volcano, the float features a working waterfall.  Let’s hope it doesn’t freeze!

Balsam Hill: Christmas decoration outlet Balsam Hill not surprisingly made an extremely “festive” float this season, decked with toys, five different trees (one of them three stories tall) and lined with over 300 feet of garland.  

The parade will be kicking off this Thursday at 9 am, Thanksgiving Day.  Be sure to tune in, or if you’re in New York, stop by for a visit!