New Yorkers love their late-night Seamless orders and hot dogs washed down with sugary papaya juices (seriously one of the most underrated combinations out there).  Yet there are many health food stores in New York that can help you lead a nutritious lifestyle instead of falling asleep on a weekend night with a belly full of beer and $1 pizza slices.  Yet eating right is a major key to living a long, healthy life.  Here are some of the best health food stores in New York, based off an article that I found on Timeout New York:

Food For Health: This Upper East Side spot carries all sorts of brands that many bigger markets don’t carry, in addition to natural and organic food produce that isn’t nearly as expensive as Whole Foods. There’s organic, paleo and vegan prepackaged foods, a juice bar and even an on-site biochemist!  

Westerly Natural Market: If you can’t find that supplement or rare granola bar flavor you’re looking for, chances are you’ll be able to find it at Westerly.  While the extent of diversity can be a bit overwhelming, there’s also an easy-to-navigate selection in the back of premade foods, a list of 15 soups and a full juice bar.  Prices might be what you expect for a specialty market in Manhattan, but there are also frequent online coupons and in-store sales.

LifeThyme: With a vegan bakery and dine-in seating area, LifeThyme is a place where you can get both lunch and groceries.

4th Street Food Co-op: This small, nonprofit, vegetarian co-op in the East Village receives daily deliveries of fresh produce almost every day, making it an easy place to embrace the healthy lifestyle.  It’s entirely volunteer-run, with members receiving discounts.  Tip: bring containers, since the shop charges for produce bags and jars.  

Sai Organics: If you like free stuff, come visit this family-owned market in Astoria, where you get a free gift for spending $20 or more.  There’s no shortage of take-away premade meals, in addition to a solid collection of bulk food items, a small produce selection and various grocery staples.  

A Matter of Health: Stocked with all sorts of foodstuffs and organic products, this place offers a huge selection for most dietary needs, from Kosher to gluten-free.  Apart from offering staples and specialty items, there’s an impressive selection of take-away items.  

Greenpoint Natural Market: If you live in the hipster Mecca of Williamsburg/Greenpoint, you’re going to want to shop for everything here.  A local hotspot for everything from organic meats to health and beauty products, it also offers an impressive selection of fresh juice and smoothies.

Go Natural Health Foods & Juice Bar: Here in Sunnyside, you can pick up specialty products and homemade meals, such as black bean burgers and vegan chocolates.  Although you can pick up all the standard health-food items here, the best things here are far and away the juices and homemade meals.