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Ari Kellen, Student and NYC Native.

Ari Kellen has lived in New York City his entire life. Growing up on the Upper West side of Manhattan he has had the privilege of experiencing all of what the city has to offer. From the charm of Central Park, to the hustle of the Financial District. From Harlem to Queens and Brooklyn, Ari has explored the popular tourist attractions and hidden gems alike. Eight and a half million people live within the city limits who bring their own culture, traditions, and flavor to the island melting pot. Ari enjoys interacting with them all.While being from NYC originally, Ari Kellen went to high school in Connecticut where he boarded. After graduation, he was fortunate enough to be accepted into a college in the south where he is currently a junior in academic standing.


Ari has always had a taste for exploration, evident from his constant expeditions around New York. This was fueled through his childhood by being able to travel around the country and world. He was very fortunate to have parents who found travel to be an important tool to expand the mind of their young son. He has been able to dive into the past at historical landmarks, and taste the signature dishes of distant lands. The drive to see the world is still very present within Ari Kellen as he plans to continue traveling his entire life.


Also finding pleasure in the comradery of sports, Ari enjoys playing and watching team sports. Football, Basketball and Baseball are three sports that dominate his attention for obvious reasons. Football brings the sense of team to the forefront of competition, 11 people on the field at once, fighting play by play to accomplish a single objective. Everyone plays a role that is critical to the success of the team. Basketball and its high flying action shows what the heights the human body is capable of reaching while operating within a team framework over an 80 game season. Baseball is a science that relies upon hot streaks, chemistry and organizational structure. It is a thinking game that relies upon smart decision making in all aspects.


With so many interests already how can Ari Kellen find the time to sleep? The answer is right after he plays his piano or guitar. His parents keeping true to their ways, always thought Ari should be well rounded and playing an instrument was a great way to do so. Piano lessons were originally his parents idea, but Ari soon caught the bug and enjoys playing piano to relax very regularly. He was naturally drawn to the guitar to broaden his horizon and give him a breath of fresh air musically.